domingo, junho 05, 2005

Testimony - “Powerful are Thy signals and wonders”

“The best place to be is in the arms of the Lord”. That was exactly how Marlene felt after her experiences of cure, still inexplicable to her doctors and the medicine itself.

Marlene has always been an active and communicative woman. As a former lawyer with two children, she used to spend most of her free time practicing sports; for the pure pleasure of having a healthy lifestyle and also a good figure.“I’ve always worked out and competed in a variety of bike races, running and swimming; even abroad.” In 1997, however, I started to gain some serious weight. After going through many exams, I found out I had a tumor in my hypophysis (the gland responsible for the hormonal part of our body). Surprisingly, for the doctors, in just one year I was cured without a surgery! Jesus cured me!”

Shortly after, Marlene would start another story where the Lord’s presence would be remarkable and merciful. After suffering from terrible pains during three long years, in 2002 she finally found out she had three different types of throat cancer.

“After a painful surgery, fifty cobalt applications during radiotherapy and six stressful and horrendous sessions of chemotherapy, Jesus was compassionate and mercifulness with my life and gave me the complete cure, exactly as He had promised me through His word in John 11:4. Leaving my four doctors totally astonished and strongly convicted that they were used by God through out my entire treatment”.

With her eyes only and exclusively on God, Marlene was filled with strength and balance to keep going ahead. The final result was a miracle! It was a clear and unquestionable proof that for Jesus nothing is impossible! “I praise the Lord for the 22 years I’ve been learning about His Word, specifically the teachings from Ministério Evangélico Cristo é a Resposta”. I thank Jesus for adding life to my life. He is the powerful one. Today, I live my life to show Him I am grateful for what He has done in my life and also to testify and spread His salvation! – says Marlene.

But when Jesus heard it, He said: “This sickness is not to death, but for the glory of God, that God’s Son may be glorified by it”. John 11:4.

* Testimony published in the special and commemorative Cristo é a Resposta 25 years-old Anniversary Magazine.

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Anônimo disse...

Uau, Deus é realmente maravilhoso! Eis mais uma prova de que ele continua a agir nos dias de hoje.

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